Nail Essentials Collection

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PERFECT FORMULA NAIL ESSENTIALS KIT: 0.17OZ PINK GEL COAT, 0.17OZ GEL COAT, 0.17OZ MY FAVORITE TOP COAT, 0.17OZ DAILY MOISTURE The Nail Essentials Kit contains 4 of our best-selling items to strengthen, brighten and protect your nails:
  • Pink Gel Coat: a protein-rich sheer pink formula that includes an optical brightener to filter our any yellow appearance, leaving the nail immediately appear rosy and healthier. Strengthens, seals, brightens, and protects your natural nails. 0.17 oz.
  • Daily Moisture: rich in Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to condition cuticles, maintain moisture, and prevent brittleness. 0.17 oz.
  • Gel Coat: a clear, glossy, keratin-righ formula designed to help strengthen, seal, brighten, and protect your natural nails. 0.17 oz.
  • My Favorite Topcoat: creates a tough, fast-drying and high-shine finish, which protects your polish. Also contains UV filters to block out harmful rays and prevents your polish from yellowing. 0.17 oz.

Formulate WITHOUT: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates

The Nail Essentials Kit includes the tough nails essentials you'll need to help nails grow longer, stronger, and more beautiful.


$24.00 retail