thierry-mugler Brand Story


Haute Perfumery emboldened: such is the road Thierry Mugler has paved since Angel came to life in 1992. This visionary designer creates exceptional fragrances and uses the finest natural and innovative materials, which are often extremely rare. They are bold scents full of character – original combinations that are instantly recognizable and always unforgettable. Their secret? Restrained, balanced combinations built around two to three overdosed notes. It is utter harmony and pure magic.

The brand has created an entirely original form of Haute Perfumerie through its Goût du Parfum, Parfums de Cuir and Liqueurs de Parfums fragrances. They are unique creations that result from the desire to share sensations in order to spark emotion. They strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, cutting-edge technology and the awakening of the senses... Harmony found in contrast.

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A*Men Pure Malt
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Angel — Shooting Star